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Jcordoart is a studio based in the greater part of Houston

Jcordo is located in the greater area of Houston

Technology is rapidly evolving our everyday lives at an exponential rate. While we are gaining a mass amount of understanding of our world and the universe, I feel many of us are losing touch with our old world and ancestors.

His Process.

My art tries to bridge the gap between my Mexican heritage and the modern society we live in. Many of the figures I draw are based from the Mexican folk art known as “Alebrijes”. The constant use of polygonal figures in my illustrations are an homage to the sharp corners seen in “Alebrijes” which are traditionally made from carved wood or paper mache. My colors are vibrant and engaging as one would also see in “Alebrijes” but also take a modern twist by depicting nebulas, galaxies and stars. I am highly influenced by star gazing and find much of my inspiration by just looking up.

The hope is that my art will show the world how beautiful the Mexican people and their traditions are as well as influence the viewer to explore their own universe within them and learn more about their own roots.

*When we can no longer see behind us, we have truly lost our way to move forward.*

His Process.